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We strive to promote independence, empower people and change lives.

We treat the cause of a problem, not just the symptom, which leads to faster and more permanent changes.

We believe that by empowering staff through knowledge and practical skills, we enable them to understand and empower the people they care for.


Home visits, including care homes, residential homes & supported living.

Clinic appointments are available at our new facility in Bayford (Hertford).

  • I think this was my 4th MFR treatment. I found the procedure relaxing and ‘unwinding’. It helps my muscles to stretch to their full extent and helps my body to achieve a level of flexibility that is not achievable in a conscious state. I find MFR a soothing experience and a help to my physical and mental wellbeing

    Patient, Devon
  • Suzy has been working her magic on me recently...I woke up completely pain free this morning. No aches or pains anywhere!!! I can't remember the last time that happened, it's been years literally. I ran a race today again no pain at all. Before, during and after. I came 16 th out of nearly 300 and almost a personal best time over that distance !!!

    Patient , Hertfordshire
  • Amazed at the difference it's made. Natalie and Suzy actually listen and treat causes, not just symptoms. My movement has been restored and pain is lessening. Love love love!

    Patient , Hertfordshire
  • Professional, kind and absolutely devoted to making their patients feel better. That's what Natalie and Suzy are all about! I can highly recommend them if you have any kind of physical or emotional pain.

    Patient , Hertfordshire
  • If you're reading this review, it's time to book a session. Really!

    Patient , Hertfordshire
  • Knowing how committed Natalie and Suzy are, I cannot say enough how much their passion and intention is in only making you feel better and, having had this treatment, I can thoroughly recommend it.

    Patient , Hertfordshire
  • A motorcycle accident at the beginning of August damaged my shoulders quite severely such that I had very restricted movement and considerable associated pain. After some research, I decided to undergo a course of myofascial release treatment with Enlight Physiotherapy. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. The treatment I received was excellent and aided my quick recovery both mentally and physically.

    Chris , Hertfordshire


Our complex care training courses are designed to meet the specific needs of each sector, whether it is home care, residential care, supported living or nursing care.

We are a Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HPCA) approved training provider

You may be able to claim back up to £40 per person from (HPCA)

Respiratory Training

We offer courses in Respiratory and Tracheostomy Care. Basic, advanced & bespoke courses available.


We offer courses to enhance care for people with complex needs. Bespoke courses also available.


We offer Mandatory Training courses.


Our consultancy services are available to all care environments, whether your service is a nursing home, residential home, supported living or home care company.

Single-Case Service

Sometimes it feels as though you just need that extra bit of advice or support with a problem. We therefore offer a responsive, single-case service to support you to make improvements in the areas in which we specialise.


For postural assessment, seating and wheelchair assessment, pain management, tone & contracture management, splinting management, improving activity levels & enablement.



  • Hi guys, it was so lovely to meet you both yesterday and the course was amazing and very beneficial (myself and Renata have been checking postures all morning and helping to facilitate). could you give me more details on the train the trainer course that follows on from yesterday, we are both very keen to do the course.

    Training Attendee, Stevenage
  • Brilliant training, really enjoyed it. Helped me in my current role. Thank you

    Dan, Hertfordshire
  • Suzy and Natalie are very informative but made it fun, helped when I got confused and helped until they were sure ‘I got it’

    Jeanette , Hertfordshire
  • I felt comfortable and included during the course. Increased my knowledge. Good discussions which add to my knowledge. The trainers were very approachable

    Victoria , Hertfordshire

Our Team

We are trained professionals that love what we do



Suzy is a director of Enlight Physiotherapy. Suzy has a background as a fitness instructor and exercise class instructor which led to her pursuing a Physiotherapy education.



Natalie is a director of Enlight Physiotherapy. She achieved a Sports Science degree prior to qualifying as a Physiotherapist in 2005.


Clinic Administrator

Before joining Enlight, Pauline had many years of experience working in customer facing roles, the most significant being her role as a supervisor for the Chairman’s Customer Service Team at Marks & Spencer.

We are lucky to have her on the team as she helps us to keep things going behind the scenes!

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New images are providing the first visual evidence of a long-postulated physical link by which genes can receive mechanical cues from its microenvironment. Created by integrating six different imaging techniques, the images show thread-like cytofilaments reaching into and traversing a human breast cell's chromatin-packed nucleus. […]

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Very informative article on myofascial release

Less than a decade ago, myofascial release (MFR) was little known in the UK or Europe in either the therapy or research fields. Nowadays most gyms have foam rollers or rumble rollers. If this isn’t enough, people are going to see sport and massage therapists, such as Human Kinetics author, Ruth Duncan. […]

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